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The American Pageant
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The American Pageant

13th Edition ©2006 ISBN:0-618-47940-6

David M. Kennedy
Lizabeth Cohen
Thomas A. Bailey

The American Pageant continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the most popular and effective textbooks for a course in U.S. History. This classic text engages students with vivid, chronological narrative that focuses on the great public issues of American History and gives voice to peoples whose contributions were overlooked by historians of the past. The American Pageant weaves social topics into the political tapestry and covers issues such as immigration, the political participation of women, the environmental movement, Native Americans, Western history and experiences of Americans of non-European background. The historic narrative is further strengthened by taking a personal look at what has shaped our nation's social and cultural history.

The AP* 13th edition of this text has been specifically tailored to fulfill the requirements of an AP U.S. History course. Document-based questions (DBQs) are now included in the text to help students better prepare for the AP exam. Also new to this edition is greater emphasis on the global context for U.S. History and provides expanded coverage of cultural innovation and intellectual ideas. New coverage has been added on attacks of September 11th, the Iraq War, the Bush administration, and the 2004 election.

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