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A History of Western Society
Table of Contents
Ancillary Descriptions
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A History of Western Society, Since 1300

Ancillary Descriptions

Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Bank
The Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Bank contains instructional objectives, annotated chapter outlines, suggestions for lectures and discussion, paper, and class activity topics, primary-source exercises, map activities, and lists of audio-visual resources. The accompanying Test Items offer identification, multiple choice, map, and essay questions for a total of approximately two thousand test items. In order to make the multiple-choice questions more useful to the Advanced Placement market, a fifth answer option has been added.

Document-Based Questions Workbook
This self-study workbook includes document-based questions similar to those found on the AP* European History exam. The leveled questions correspond with each chapter of the Student's Edition.

AP Lesson Plans and Pacing Guide
This helpful resource extends the teaching support found in the regular Instructor's Resource Manual by providing specific guidelines and teaching notes for the AP course in European History. Among its features are suggestions on how to cluster and pace the textbook lessons to ensure that all the key material for the AP course is covered, and to most effectively prepare students to succeed on the AP examination.

Student Research Companion Web Site
Offering a large selection of primary sources and interactive maps, the Student Research Companion Website is to be used for student assignments. For Western Civilization textbooks, approximately 100 maps and 500 primary sources are available. The primary sources include headnotes that provide pertinent background information and questions that students can answer and print or e-mail to their instructors. The maps provide background information and questions like the primary sources, as well as zoom functionality, image layering, and questions that require students to locate and click on a portion of the map to answer.

Instructor Companion CD-ROM with HM Testing
This comprehensive CD-ROM offers all of the resources found on its online counterpart in one convenient location. The test component provides the same questions found in the printed Test Bank, but also allows teachers flexibility to add their own questions and to create virtually limitless variations.

Textbook Companion Web site
The Instructor Companion Web Site offers a wide range of searchable maps, images, and audio/video clips. Each image is accompanied by a description for historical context. PowerPoint® slides with these materials are also available. These presentation materials are arranged according to the corresponding chapter in the textbook. The web site also offers an Instructor's Resource Manual and other text-specific resources. The Instructor web site is password protected.
The Student Companion Web site is an online study guide that contains ACE practice tests, flashcards, timelines, chronology and geography exercises, graphic organizer exercises, web links, and Internet activities. These study tools support students as they prepare for assignments or exams.

Overhead Transparencies
A set of full-color transparency acetates representing all of the maps in the student textbook.

GeoQuest Map CD-ROM
Contains interactive geographic and historic maps that correspond to the text. Map activities are included to engage students while reinforcing geography skills.

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