About McDougal Littell


A review of page proofs for grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, style, usage, logic, sense, and consistency of language and formatting.

Anything that impedes students' understanding and learning. We organize errors into three categories: 1. Typographical, punctuation, or grammatical errors
2. Factual errors
3. Text or art that creates confusion or misunderstanding

Fact Checking:
A thorough evaluation of all names, dates, places, other facts, and definitions in a product. Each fact is verified using at least two reliable sources, and discrepancies are resolved by using three, four, or more sources. Fact checking is repeated for all portions of a product that are substantively rewritten.

A check of literary selections against their sources; a review of pages (in both print and electronic versions) to ensure that all corrections have been made and composition is accurate.

A process in which all mathematical problems in math and science products are solved and their answers checked.

Vendor Page Proofs:
Copies of final pages received from an outside company, showing how the publication will look before it goes to press.