About McDougal Littell

Quality Assurance Procedures

Our quality assurance procedures include the following:

  • Ongoing research assures that all of our editors and fact checkers are using the most up-to-date, reliable sources. Rigorous documentation is required throughout the quality assurance process.
  • Manuscript writers use approved sources to document all information. Fact checkers use additional reliable sources to verify the facts.
  • Outside reviewers, each with a particular area of expertise, are consulted.
  • In-house specialists check all facts in a timely way as materials are revised during development. Fact checking of revised content is repeated as necessary until a product is finished and is ready to be produced.
  • Following a post-publication quality assurance check, all needed corrections are made. Records of these and later corrections are maintained in an electronic database. The database tracks the accuracy of various versions of a product.

Despite all of these procedures, errors are sometimes found in our materials. When an error is brought to our attention, we make any necessary changes in the next printing. We invite teachers, parents, students, and others to be our partners in working toward the goal of producing the most accurate educational materials possible. Please contact us to report questions, concerns, or errors.