About McDougal Littell

Quality Assurance from Start to Finish

We apply rigorous quality assurance procedures at all stages of the development of our products.

  • Editors and researchers develop a list of approved sources and guidelines. Copyeditors establish style and usage rules for the program.
  • Writers develop manuscript using approved sources and editorial guidelines.
  • Senior consultants and reviewers read the manuscript for content accuracy.
  • In-house fact checkers use reliable sources to independently verify all facts. In the event of discrepancies, fact checkers consult three or more sources.
  • Special reviews are conducted to check the accuracy of all visual content, the currency of statistical data, and all solutions to math problems, as well as to ensure consistency of treatment.
  • Fact checking of all revised sections is done as each new version of pages is generated.
  • The entire product is copyedited, proofread, and given a final reading by project editors.
  • Pages are given a final check for style, formatting, continuity, and page references.
  • Immediately following publication, the entire product is read for mechanics and style. All problems in math and science products get another solving. All corrections needed are made in the second printing.
  • Following the second printing, records of any additional changes needed, including factual updates, are maintained in an electronic database.
  • Lists of corrections are consulted, approved, and incorporated whenever a product is about to be reissued.