Technical Support

HM Testing

PC Information
Windows Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
Pentium II processor or better
64 MB RAM 16-bit color monitor; 800X600 display 4X+ CD-ROM drive

Macintosh Information
Power Macintosh
System 8.1 or later
64 MB RAM 16-bit color monitor
800X600 display

Program Requirements
The program requires that you have the applications necessary to use the files supplied. Depending on what file types are included, you will need:
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (Mac) 5.0 (Windows)
QuickTime 5.0 (included)
Microsoft Word 97 for higher for Windows or Word 98 or higher for Mac (not included)
Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint Viewer only included)
Netscape Navigator versions 4 or higher (not included) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher (not included)
Check here for important system updates and downloads:
For the latest version of Netscape.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for PC.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for Mac.
For the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started
How can I adjust the size of the text? It is not possible to alter the size of the text within the HM Testing program. However, you can export the test to an .rtf file and then adjust the font size in a word processing program.
Where can I find the instructions for the HM Testing CD-ROM for World of Chemistry? Access these instructions here.
When I click the Print Preview function, why do I receive the error, “TX4ole cannot read from or write to file”? A new version of the program is available. You can obtain it by clicking on the "Contact Us" link and filling out the appropriate information. Alternatively, click Start and go to File and Files and Folders. Be sure that you are searching your “C” drive. Search for the files listed below and move them to the trash. It is OK if some of these file are not found: Wndtls32.dll Ic32.ini Tx_bmp32.flt Tx_rtf32.dll Tx_tif32.flt Tx_wmf32.flt Tx32.dll Tx4ole.ocx Txtls32.dll Ic32.dll Tx_gif32.flt Tx_htm32.dll Txobj.dll

Restart the computer and reinstall the program.