Technical Support

World Languages Take-Home Tutor

PC Information
Intel Pentium III 300 MHz or AMD Athlon 350 MHz
Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP
CPU 64 MB of RAM Video card with 16-bit color at 800 X 600 resolution
16-bit Sound Card Microphone

Macintosh Information
Power PC G3 300 MHz
Mac OS 8.6 or higher
800 X 600 resolution at thousands of colors

Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started
Why can’t I see the grammar animation? Almost every grammar presentation has been animated. You may need to scroll down within the box to see the animation. If the grammar animation has started before you see it, you can stop and restart it. If there are no control buttons anywhere in the window, then the grammar presentation has not been animated.
Why do I hear the audio for a listening activity when I start the Tutor? If your media player is running when you launch the Tutor, it may automatically play the first audio MP3 that it finds on the Tutor CD. Turn off your media or CD player before you launch the Tutor.
Why are some tabs greyed out? If a tab is greyed out, there are no activities of that type available for practice. For example, grammar activities ("Grammaire") are never available in the first "leçon" of each unit.
Why is the Lecture et Culture tab in a different color and separated from the other tabs? The Lecture et Culture activities appear at the unit, not leçon, level. There are three Lecture et Culture activities per unit, one per level (i.e., 1 A-level, 1 B-level, and 1 C-level). These activities may be completed at any time within the unit. However, you may prefer to save them until the end of the unit since they may contain vocabulary and grammar that is introduced in the last leçon within a unit.
My short answer response was marked wrong even though I’m sure I answered correctly. What is the problem? When an activity is scored and calls for the user to type in a short answer, your response must exactly match the answer string for it to be marked as correct. Be sure to follow the structure and punctuation of the model answer as completely as possible, and keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) Follow standard capitalization guidelines (e.g., do not write sentences in all caps, etc.).

2) The activities allow for only one space between sentences. Answers with two spaces between sentences will be marked wrong.

3) Notation should follow the form that appears in the model answer. For instance, if “euro” is written out, then do not use the euro symbol. Or, if a numeral appears, do not write the number out.

4) The "œ" ligature is not recognized. Use "oe" instead (e.g., write "soeur" instead of "sœur").
When I select the Lecture et Culture tab, I lose my place within the unit. Why can’t I automatically return to the leçon I was working on before I clicked the Lecture et Culture tab? The Lecture et Culture activities are housed at the unit, not leçon, level. For this reason, when you select one of these activities, you are leaving the leçon you were last working on.
Why doesn't the Speak and Compare function work with my USB microphone? With Windows or Mac OS older than 9.2, you must install the microphone on your system. Your computer will not automatically recognize it unless it is a Mac OS 9.2 or higher.
Why doesn’t my USB microphone work with the Take-Home Tutor? If you are using a USB plug-in microphone on a Windows computer and the microphone is not working with the Speak and Compare function, you will need to ensure that your operating system recognizes the plug-in device. Use the Control Panel to install the necessary driver files. These may have been included with the microphone when you purchased it, or may be downloadable from the manufacturer's Web site. Contact the microphone manufacturer for details on how to install a USB microphone on your system. This issue is much less frequent on Macintosh computers. However, if you experience this problem on a Macintosh computer older than version 9.2, go to Sound under System Preferences and install your microphone, or contact the manufacturer for more information.