Technical Support

WriteSmart CD-ROM

PC Information
Windows 2000-SP4/XP-SP2/Vista 32-bit
512 MB RAM
Pentium III or equivalent processor

Mac Information
OS 10.3.9 to 10.4.9
512 MB RAM
PowerPC G4 processor or higher recommended
Help documentation is available within the WriteSmart program.
The following programs are recommended when using your WriteSmart CD-ROM:

Adobe Reader
PowerPoint Viewer (if PowerPoint is not available)
Microsoft Word

Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started
What's the difference between the student and teacher version? The teacher version offers additional teaching opportunities, including ideas for writing, a rubric generator, and a writing model bank. All other features are avalaible in both versions.
Why can't I open my saved Resume Rubric? There is a workaround for this issue. Create the rubric and export it to a Word document (rather than saving it as a .wsr). This bug occurs in all high school versions of WriteSmart and applies to all operating systems.
Why can't I open the PowerPoints in the Interactive Graphic Organizer? This issue is specific to users running Office 2003. The only workaround is to download Microsoft's updates for Office 2003 at the Office Updates page.
Why do I get foreign characters if I try to open a .doc (Word file) in MyModels? MyModels can only support .rtf (Rich Text Format) files. To convert your .doc to a .rtf, open it in Word, select Save As, and choose .rtf in the Save As Type dropdown menu.
The MyModels highlighting tool isn't working, and the colors don't look right. What do I do? Save your work, restart the program, and go back to MyModels. The highlighter tool will now work as expected.