Technical Support

EasyPlanner Plus Online

Operating Systems:
Windows 98 or higher
Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher for PC; Internet Explorer 5.2 or higher for Mac; Safari 2.0 or higher for Mac; For PC and Mac, use Netscape Navigator version 7.2 or higher. 

Alternative browsers such as Safari and Firefox are compatible.We recommend downloading the latest versions of your browser to ensure full functionality. Set your browser to accept cookies and enable JavaScript.
Click the link below to view the EasyPlanner Plus Online user's manual:
EasyPlanner Plus Online User's Guide
Check here for important system updates and downloads:
For the latest version of Netscape.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for PC.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for Mac.
For the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started
Why can’t I launch any of the scheduling menus? If you are using a browser or system that has a pop-up blocker activated, please disable the blocker before using the EasyPlanner Plus. Many of the lesson planning scheduling menus open in a new window and an active pop-up blocker would prevent you from completing your task. Also, on Netscape 7, the active pop-up may appear under other open windows.
What’s the difference between EasyPlanner, EasyPlanner Plus, and the Online Lesson Planner? The EasyPlanner is a CD-ROM-based lesson-planning tool. The CD contains electronic versions of the ancillary files correlated to a given subject, in addition to standards and editable lesson plans. Unlike the EasyPlanner Plus, which is an online version found in the eServices section of our Web site, the content on the CD version is not correlated to state and national standards. EasyPlanner Plus is a lesson-planning tool for all of our textbooks. The Online Lesson Planner is a Web-based lesson-planning tool available for most high school math textbooks. You can access the planner at ClassZone, choose your textbook, and search under the Teacher Resources link.
Why are certain characters appearing incorrectly? Certain text characters used in the EasyPlanner Plus are not compatible with earlier versions of Netscape, including all 4.x browsers. If you are using an older browser, certain text, such as dashes and quotes, may display incorrectly. Upgrading to a more recent version of Netscape will solve the problem.
Why does it take so long to make global changes to my lesson plans? Making global changes—such as adding a holiday—may take a longer time if you have a large number of classes. Be patient and the changes will be processed.
Why do I keep losing my place on the page when I click on a feature? When you make a change on the lesson view page (expanding an activity, revealing related resources, etc.), it refreshes to the top instead of the point of the change. This issue will be resolved in the next version update.