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Operating Systems:
Windows 98 or higher
Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher for PC; Internet Explorer 5.2 or higher for Mac; Safari 2.0 or higher for Mac; Netscape Navigator 7.2 or higher for PC and Mac

Alternative browsers such as Safari and Firefox are compatible. We recommend downloading the latest versions of your browser to ensure full functionality. Set your browser to accept cookies and enable JavaScript.
Click the link below to view the eServices user's manual:
eServices User's Guide
Check here for important system updates and downloads:
For the latest version of Netscape.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for PC.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for Mac.
For the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started
How do I obtain access to eServices? Please contact Customer Service (1-800-462-6595) or contact your Sales Representative.
I have picked up my invitation, so why can't I see my book? Click View Online Products. If you are in another tabbed section, click Online Products. Pass out your product to yourself. If you want a student to see the product, create a class and add the student to the class.
I am trying to register my Teacher Access Code. Why can't I get into eServices? There are several sections on the textbook site. Classzone Teacher Resources are accessible via the Teacher Access Key that comes with the teacher's edition. eServices is a premium, separate service that you can access by contacting your sales representative. Make sure you are clicking the link for Teacher Resources if you are trying to register a teacher access code (which start with the letters MCD).
I have registered my eServices activation code. Why don't I see my book? Before you can use the teacher's edition of your textbook, you must first give eServices to your class. To give eServices to your class: 1. Create a class and give it eServices. 2. Click on the Home tab to view the teacher edition of the eServices. You should then see the teacher's edition of your textbook.
My teacher gave me the activation code, but when I try to register, why does the system tell me the code is already in use? Your teacher needs to create a class and give eServices to the class before getting the appropriate activation code for students. The code will start with the word "class."
How do I remove adminstrative access for my users? Delete these members in the Faculty and Staff area. Be aware, however, that if you delete these members, all privileges and eServices will be deleted from these accounts. You can add their accounts later, but without giving them administrative privileges.
When I click on the link to give eServices why does nothing happen? eServices will not function properly with a pop-up blocker installed. Disable the pop-up blocker and try again.
After I log in, why does the site continue to ask for my log-in information whenever I click on any link to a protected area? AOL users need to use Internet Explorer or Netscape to view and use eServices. If AOL is the Internet Provider, simply minimize AOL and start IE or Netscape and go to eServices.
What should I do when I have no more eServices licenses available? Contact Customer Service at 1-800-462-6595 or your Sales Representative.
What if I forgot my password to eServices? Go to eServices and click on "Forgot your password?". If you have forgotten your username, please call Technical Support at 1-800-727-3009.