Technical Support

eTest Plus Online

Operating Systems:
Windows 98 or higher
Mac OS 10 or higher

For PC, Internet Explorer 6 or higher; Netscape Navigator 7.2 or higher; Firefox 1.5 or higher
For Mac, Netscape 7.2 or higher; Firefox 1.5 or higher
Check here for important system updates and downloads:
For the latest version of Netscape for PC.
For the latest version of Netscape for Mac.
For the latest version of Internet Explorer for PC.
For the latest version of Firefox.
For the latest version of Adobe Reader.

For optimal viewing of math equations and characters we recommend using Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox on either a PC or Mac. If you are on a PC and would like to use IE, please visit the Design Science Web site and download the MathPlayer.

Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started
How do I obtain access to eServices? Please contact Customer Service (1-800-462-6595) or your Sales Representative.
What kind of questions can I post to eTest Plus Online? Test questions are limited only to multiple choice type questions.
Are there time limits when taking an eTest Plus Online test? There are no time limits on eTest tests.
Can my students partially complete the test, quit, and finish later? If a student hits the quit button located on the bottom tool bar during the test, the test completes and cannot be restarted. However, if a student closes their browser window, if the window freezes, or the computer crashes, the student can re-enter the test and begin where they left off.
Why aren’t my students able to view the tests I have created? You must make a test available to your students and assign it to a student or class in order for it to appear under their test menu.